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My Name Is… March 1, 2006

Posted by procopius in Admin.

Since I’ve now got my first comment, I suppose that I should introduce myself. My sockpuppet name is Ken Miles, but because I wasn’t paying attention when I set up this blog I’ve ending up with the name Procopius (an ancient historian). I’ve decided to keep it (at least on this blog – KM will still be running around the internet getting into fights).

In the real world, I’ve got myself a PhD in chemistry and a nice job. I’ve decided to use a sock puppet just because I like my privacy.



1. stoneunhinged - March 1, 2006

Well, hello Ken. Anyone who cares for Herodotus deserves an instant place on my blogroll (and you are now there). I’m looking forward to your blogging, and wish you much success.

Perhaps you might blog on what you mean by “the Ancients”. Good luck.


2. procopius - March 2, 2006


The Ancients are a series of amazing posts on ancient historians which I will one day write.

3. stoneunhinged - March 2, 2006

I’m looking forward to those amazing posts. In the meanwhile, keep an eye out for the mummy of John Wilkes Booth, wont’ you?


4. Sacha - April 26, 2006

Hi Ken, it’s good to see science trained people setting up blogs, even if they only make occasional entries to them. (I’m a newly minted maths PhD).

The social science people have been doing this for a while!

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